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Invoice & Trade Finance Questionnaire

Basic Company Information

Company Name:

Company Address:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone/ Email:

Company Reg:

Registered Business Name (if different):

Company Accountant Representative:

Company Accountant Phone/ Email:

List all Directors, Applicants & Shareholders % of Shareholdings, DOB's Driver's License Numbers & Home Addresses If Applicant, Director & Shareholder - please state. Any previous names? Please detail:

Describe the goods to be imported. Are they imported finished goods? Comment on any assembly or other adjustment to goods required prior to delivery to the customer.

Are the goods to be imported perishable / require refrigeration?

Do the goods to be imported carry the specific brand of a customer? E.g. Ocean Financial Solutions polo shirts.

Please provide details of quality assurance and pre-shipment inspection process:

Please detail what (if any) measures are taken to manage Currency Risk:

Freight Information

Freight Forwarder Company:

Contact Name:


Provide most recent freight statement if possible by emailing it to info@ocean-fs.com

Marine Cargo/ Goods in transit insurance information



Provide a copy of most recent warehouse statement by emailing it to info@ocean-fs.com


List names of suppliers, the country they are in, terms of trade and currency

Debtor or Customer Analysis

List Debtor Names, Debtor Reg, Limit (Amount) Required. Current Balance. Average Invoice Size, One or multiple Invoices, Payment Terms, Date's and Amounts of last payment, Discounts for early payment

Debtor Information

Number of active customers?

Total value of debtor ledger?

Do you sell on a sale or return or exchange basis?

Do you invoice on a progress claim/ milestone basis?

Do you sell on a consignment basis?

Do you have debtors insured?

List any debtors who are also suppliers to your business:

Do you have any other finance currently?

List your Bank/ Financier, type of facility, limit (amount available), current balance, security

Credit History - If yes to any, please describe

Has a manager/ receiver or liquidator ever been appointed?

Are there any unsatisfied judgement(s) entered in any court against the company, any of its officers or you?

Do you have any tax arrears? Do you or the company have arrangements with creditors, financiers or HMRC?

Has the company, any of its officers or you ever become or been bankrupt or insolvent or assigned its/ their estate/s for the benefit of creditors?

Is any legal action(s) pending?

Are you an undischarged bankrupt?

Are there any unsatisfied judgements?

Documents we need - Tick List - Please email to info@ocean-fs.com

  • Last 2 Years Financial Statements (P&L & Balance Sheet)
  • Most recent interim accounts
  • Copy of most recent VAT form
  • Signed A&L Statement (each director)
  • Copy of most recent freight forwarder statement
  • Copy of most recent third-party warehouse provider statement
  • Copy of business insurance policies
  • Copy of marine cargo insurance policy
  • Up to date aged debtors & aged creditors
  • Import/ Transaction Documentation as follows:

Import/ Transition Documentation as follows:

  • Customer Purchase Order
  • Supplier Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading/ Airway Bill
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Payment to Supplier
  • Invoice to Customer
  • Evidence of Delivery to Customer
  • Evidence of Payment to Customer


Next we'll send out a document for each director to list their current personal assets & liabilities & a form to sign and date declaring all the information provided is true.

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